The 15 Most Important TikTok Developments for 2020

Describe the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “social media marketing.” Could it be Instagram? You’re not completely wrong, but while billions of people use Instagram for fun, TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps, with a sizable following. TikTok, which debuted at the beginning of 2018, has been featured in every major publication and is now being used by businesses as a marketing tool in the process of curating their brand strategies. To reach more people on TikTok, some companies are teaming up with the video-sharing platform to create and distribute branded videos. Have I captivated your attention?

Brand managers in the year 2020 should be aware of these top 15 trends on TikTok.

Subscribers, File Downloads, and Rapid Expansion

  1. During October of 2019, advertising data revealed that TikTok had over 800 million monthly active users around the world.
  2. In February of 2019, TikTok surpassed Instagram and Facebook to become the third most downloaded app in the world with over 1 billion downloads.
  3. TikTok is a highly recommended free app in the Apple App Store’s Entertainment category.
  4. TikTok’s algorithmically curated content revolves around its users’ tastes, and the app’s video feed scrolls upward regardless of whether or not the user swipes the screen.
  5. TikTok claims its users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app, with each session lasting around five minutes — significantly longer than those on Snapchat and Instagram.
  6. ninety percent of TikTok users use it more than once per day.
  7. The demographics of TikTok’s user base are as follows: the app has been downloaded by over 155 million people, but only about 1 in 8 adults use it. Furthermore, 56% of the app’s users are men.
  8. Gen Z makes up the majority of TikTok’s user base in the US, but millennials are among the app’s most avid users elsewhere.
  9. Approximately half of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34, and 26% is between the ages of 18 and 24.
  10. The Top 10 Viral Videos and Influencers on TikTok. Just like other social media sites, TikTok welcomes partnerships with brands, influencers, meme makers, and more.
  11. Guess issued the first brand hashtag challenge with the hashtag #InMyDenim back in 2009. The video was seen by more than 38.8 million people.
  12. Twelve, the popularity of TikTok can be attributed to the work of many talented artists and creators. Hip-hop artist Lil Nas X shared the video for his song “Old Town Road” on the social media platform TikTok. After being posted on TikTok, the song quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 2019.
  13. Economics, Cash Flow, and Rivalry 13 The TikTok app has received over 2.1 million five-star reviews on the Apple App Store.
  14. Fourteen, TikTok has expanded its advertising options to include five tiers catered to major corporations. Reportedly, the daily cost of a branded hashtag challenge is $150,000.
  15. In-app purchases contributed $3.5 million to TikTok’s total revenue in 2018.


TikTok, like many other recent social media platforms, is having trouble breaking into established brands’ marketing plans and strategies. Users are numerous, with the majority of them located in either China or the United States. TikTok’s popularity and market share are growing in India, and this trend is expected to continue throughout the coming year.

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