An Ultimate Guide: How To Get Verified On Instagram?

The question of how to gain Instagram verification is a hot one in the world of social media management, and it should be addressed there.
A blue checkmark may appear next to the Instagram username of a celebrity, influencer, or major company if you are following them. That is not an emoji; rather, it is an Instagram verification badge, which has become a de facto emblem of social status.

The Instagram Verification: What Is It?

Verification badges on Instagram accounts indicate that Instagram has “confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents.”
The legitimacy of a user or company may be shown by having their account verified. Instagram accounts that have been verified by Instagram can increase consumer trust in the company and cut down on fake accounts. Verified or commercial accounts also get access to additional features on the social networking platform.

Who Can Get Instagram Verification?

Although anybody may request an Instagram verification badge, not everyone will actually receive one. Verified Instagram accounts are often only given to well-known persons in the public eye, such as professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and corporations.
For the simple reason that they are easier to imitate.
Is Instagram verification a paid service?
Many of you have undoubtedly also pondered this question: Is there a way to buy Instagram verification?
No, Instagram verification is completely free.
Verified Instagram accounts must meet Instagram’s criteria of being “notable and authentic.” Getting Instagram verified is challenging for obvious reasons.
Instagram also explicitly states that “general interest accounts” like meme or fan accounts do not meet the criteria for verification.
There appears to be no difference if a company or individual account is used to submit an application. Instagram mentions a few more factors that are considered in the verification process. If you want to have an Instagram account, you must:
Verified as belonging to the multinational brand, celebrity, or influencer who has claimed ownership. Otherwise, you’d be breaking the rules of the app’s user community. Also, the applicant cannot be a made-up company or person.
Unique: Except for language-specific accounts, Instagram only verifies a single account per worldwide company, celebrity, or influencer. If your company has more than one Instagram account, you’ll need to pick the best one to verify (no copy/pasting allowed).
Instagram profiles with the privacy settings set to “Public” (as opposed to “Private”) are the only ones that may be verified as such.
Complete: Is there all you need in your Instagram bio? Make sure your profile is fully fleshed out with a full name, bio, and photo. Having made at least one post is also required.
Notable: If the account doesn’t reflect “a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity,” then it may be difficult to obtain the verification badge.
As part of the verification procedure, you will not be able to include a link in your bio to any of your other social media profiles.

Process for Getting Instagram Verified

  • How long does it take to receive Instagram verification and what are the steps? Let’s check out the straightforward application procedure.
  • First, access the profile menu by clicking the ellipsis (…) in the upper right.
  • Second, choose the preferences menu.
  • Third, head to the “Account” tab.
  • Here are the steps to verify your account: #4 Pick Account Verification from the dropdown #5 Complete the form and upload a government-issued picture ID or a legal company document.
  • Send It Off

Five Easy Steps to a More Engaged Instagram Following & Verification

Follow this advice to increase your fan base and win over the blue checkmark!

Deliver valuable material

The content you share with your followers can take any form you see fit: educational, comical, musical, etc. To keep our audience engaged, we need to provide them with fresh, high-quality information on a regular basis. Find out what Instagram users find most interesting and share that.

Get moving!

We can no longer rely on visibility ‘simply happening’; instead, we must actively work to increase our exposure in light of recent changes to social media algorithms.
Because more people will hear your message if you interact with your audience, potential audience, and influencers, your following will grow.

Make use of hashtags

Using hashtags is another strategy for increasing your Instagram following. You may expand your reach, gain more followers, and improve your Instagram profile’s chances of being verified by using the new ‘follow’ hashtags option.
ones including at least one hashtag get 12.6% greater engagement, on average, than ones without any hashtags.
If you want to know more, have a look at our Hashtag Guide.

Promoting user-generated content can be facilitated by developing a branded hashtag. While hashtags like “like for like” may increase your number of likes, they are too general to attract your ideal followers.

Storytelling images should be shared

Instagram’s visual nature makes it a great place to share narratives with followers. For inspiration on how to make your Instagram account more engaging, check out Meltwater’s earlier post on the greatest Instagram accounts for businesses. When your goal is to learn how to acquire a blue tick on Instagram, such efforts may be really beneficial.

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