Improve Your TikTok Analytics To Make Trending Hit On TikTok

Are you starting a business on TikTok? If you are astonished, how do you estimate the outcomes for your TikTok marketing methods?

Then you have been spotted in the right space!

TikTok analytics are the main key factors to improve your methods and ad campaigns, and checking your efforts pays off. 

You are required with the TikTok analytics to scale, check, and find your content’s performance and know your audience and their interest. Modify until you find the leading formula. 

This article discussed different TikTok analytics tools that can help you step by step with your TikTok methods. 

Keep on reading and make your option work out correctly!

  1. Taplytics:

Today, the first and foremost brand new Iconosquare’s TikTok analytics platform. Even though still in beta version, Tiklytics pre-existing provides a more extensive range of metrics that lets you check your TikTok profile and content. 

By signing up into Taplytics, you need to include up to three TikTok accounts, where you can include yours and competitors and check their activity and performance to reveal their methods. 

Once you include a profile, you have three primary selections:

  1. Analytics
  2. Videos 
  3. Listening
  • Analytics:

The analytics part will provide you a complete picture of the health of the TikTok account you are checking by giving you a group of statistics such as the number of fans and its development. 

Here, TikTok’s engagement rate and engagement rate per post, total likes and comments, shares, and views.

  • Video:

In this part, we could check every video posted by the account. Tiklytics gives you the informative stats for every video, adding the total number of views, shares and likes, comments, and engagement. Hence, you can swiftly check what works among your audience.

  • Listening:

Finally, Tiklytics lets you check the recent TikTok ideas. In this part, you could include three TikTok songs or hashtags, and you could have access to in-depth insights. It’s beneficial for checking an ad campaign’s performance if you have started using a branded hashtag. 

2. Native TikTok Analytics:

TikTok started a native analytical tool for your Pro accounts, same as what Instagram performed with Insights. Thus the TikTok analytics control panel provides you insights into your followers and the performance of your TikTok content. 

TikTok analytics helps to track your profile’s overall performance. Also, TikTok analytics supports identifying the right set of audiences. Based on these results, you can buy TikTok likes for your video content to get TikTok fans to increase the progressive engagement rate.  

You can work on TikTok analytics, and your initial step is to transfer into a Pro account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From your profile page, start the Privacy and Settings tab. 
  2. Select manage my account. 
  3. Click switch the category for your account.
  4. Enter any other details as needed.

There are three categories displayed within your profile’s dashboard:

Profile Overview:

The Profile section gives a basic overview of your TikTok’s account performance within the last seven or 28 days. In this part, you can receive the total number of video views, the number of TikTok followers, and profile views. 

Content Insights:

There you can check a listing of your TikTok videos from the past week. If you tap on a video, you can receive informative analytics like a total number of likes, shares, comments, total play-time, total number of video views, average watch time, audience locations, and traffic source types. In this part, you can also check your top nine videos with the fastest view number growth over the week. 

Followers’ Insights:

This section reveals your fan-follower counts over time; hence you can view trends in audience growth. You can access an overview of the total number of comments, shares, and likes which your videos have obtained. 

3. Pentos:

In this TikTok analytics tool, Pentos lets you check your account performance, yet any creator profile. The data adds the average engagement rate for the TikTok profile, the total number of likes, comments, visited posts, followers, and their followings. 

You can check your analytics for branded hashtags and songs consisting of average engagement rate to profile analytics. 

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