Engaging Instagram Posts To Add To Your Social Media Schedule

Making a plan for your social media presence in advance will help you keep on track, produce high-quality material consistently, and make a good impression on your followers. You may save time and stay in the zone if you devote your attention to thinking about a number of potential Instagram posts at the same time. A social networking calendar may help you plan out your content for the upcoming month, week, or quarter in a logical and systematic way.

To what goal is a social networking calendar useful?

The most compelling argument for keeping a social media schedule is that it helps you make better use of your time. Knowing you forgot a day on Instagram and having nothing prepared is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Even if you don’t have time to write the detailed articles themselves on the day you set out for planning your schedule, at least you’ll have time to arrange your ideas for Instagram posts.

Creating a Plan for Your Social Media Presence

Planning your social media posts doesn’t have to be complicated. There are five easy steps that will assist get the process started.

  • Take the time to plot out your approach to social media. This will help you set goals for your Instagram calendar and your overall Instagram strategy. This will give you a better idea of the amount of articles you need to schedule and when they should go up so that your readers may enjoy them.
  • See where your Instagram account stands by performing an audit. I’m curious as to what kinds of posts your audience finds most interesting and engaging. Is it only bots that you’ve attracted, or do you actually have genuine individuals following you? Is your profile set up in a way that encourages others to follow you?
  • Make a strategy for document filing. When the time comes to plan or publish your Instagram posts, you’ll want quick access to all of your post ideas. This means having somewhere convenient to save them, like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Pick a schedule format that works for you. Several exist on the web, but you may also make your own using a spreadsheet program to record data pertinent to your business and postings.
  • Prepare your work for publication by scheduling it in advance, if that is your preference. Because you planned ahead, you can now relax knowing that your brand’s Instagram will consistently produce content on a timetable that you set.

Content Scheduling Tools

If you’re interested in planning ahead, there are several services you can utilize to schedule Instagram posts. Do your homework before committing to a software solution to ensure you make the right decision for your business. Take your time and compare the features and benefits of each to choose on the one you’ll really use frequently.


Hootsuite is an excellent choice since it provides both a social networking calendar template and a platform for organizing meetings with coworkers. Additionally, it has an application for smartphones so you can check in whenever you like to see how well your strategy is working.


With Planoly, you can schedule Instagram posts in advance and have them published automatically. You can quickly prepare your material in advance, and it comes with robust analytics tools for tracking your progress.

Grow Your Social Network With Sprout

You may see your Instagram content in calendar form if you use Sprout Social to compile your post ideas. Quickly check your planned postings against your schedule to avoid missing anything. You may rest assured that your posts will be published at the ideal time thanks to the “optimal time” function.


Finally, if you need to collaborate on a social media schedule with a team, AgoraPulse is the way to go. This platform provides an option to “set for approval,” as it was made with teamwork in mind. So that you have the last say over any social content produced on your brand, whomever makes the post may have it sent directly to you for approval.

Planned Instagram Content

Any business might benefit from incorporating some of the above Instagram post ideas into their upcoming social media calendar. You can rest assured that the Instagram content you produce will be of the highest quality and will spark a lively response from your followers.

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