An Ultimate Guide: Reactive Your Instagram Account

Is your Instagram profile inactive because you decided to take a break from social media? Do you want to find out how to reactivate your Instagram account and start sharing interesting material again now that you’re ready to make a comeback?

Instagram is entertaining, but it can become a serious habit. Some Instagram users choose to take a vacation from the app for for this reason.

Your Instagram activity will be saved, so you may return to it at any time.

Reactivating Your Instagram Profile

Here’s what you need to do to reactivate your Instagram profile if you deactivated it to take a break from social media or for any other reason.

First, either download the Instagram app or navigate to the site at on your mobile device.
Second, go to and click the “Log in” option after entering your username, phone number, or email and password.
Reactivating a dormant Instagram account is as easy as signing in.

If you haven’t used Instagram in a while and decide to reactivate your account, Instagram may need you to agree to the platform’s current terms of service.

Instagram may also request phone number verification in certain situations. After you have successfully verified your identity, the platform will reactivate your account.

How to Proceed If You Forget Your Instagram Password

Don’t freak out if you’ve tried everything above and still can’t get Instagram back up and running.

Even after many efforts, some Instagram users have reported problems reactivating their accounts.

With this in mind, I’m providing some suggestions that might help you quickly restore your Instagram account after it was temporarily disabled. Let’s check it out.

Change your Instagram account’s password

What if you are trying to reactivate your Instagram account by inputting the login information, but you keep getting a “Incorrect password message”? A simple password reset may be the answer here.

Learn how to change your Instagram password on your mobile device and desktop computer.

How to change your Instagram password on your mobile device:

To reset your Instagram password, open the app on your phone and select “Get help logging in” on Android or “Forgot Password” on iOS.
Next, input your Instagram username, registered phone number, or email address on the “Find your account” box, and then click “Next.”

Access It From A Different Device

If you are sure you are using the right credentials to access your Instagram account but are still having trouble, you may try accessing your account from a different device.

If you’re having trouble reactivating your Instagram account on your phone, for instance, you could have more luck doing it on a computer. There must be a technical issue with your device or the programme if this does not function.

You can try upgrading or reinstalling the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Update the Instagram app on your mobile device

To get the latest version of the Instagram app, visit the App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android device. When the Instagram app has been updated, you may try using it again.
Instagram releases updates every few days, so if you’re still using an earlier version of the app, you may not be able to restore your account.

Delete the app’s cache

If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, open the device’s menu. Clear the cache by going to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage.

After doing so, reopen the Instagram app and attempt to log in once more.

On iOS devices, clearing the app’s cache is not an option. The Instagram app may be uninstalled and reinstalled if it isn’t working properly. Doing so will assist in erasing the cache.

Go to your iOS device’s System Preferences > General > iPhone > Delete App to uninstall Instagram.

Reinstall the Instagram app on your mobile device

Anyone using an Android device can benefit from this advice. If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t access your Instagram account, try erasing the app from your phone and starting it up again.

After that, reinstall the programme from the Google Play Store and attempt signing in to the service using your Instagram credentials once more. Your account should be accessible now.

Some Instagram users who were having trouble reviving their inactive accounts were successful by following this procedure.

The aforementioned suggestions for “how to recover an Instagram account” might be used as a starting point for re-joining the service.
Things to remember:

Instagram users may wait up to 24 hours before they are able to reinstate their accounts once they have been deactivated. So, give it a day to recover before trying to revive it.
Instagram accounts can be temporarily disabled once each week.
A deleted Instagram account cannot be restored, but a deactivated one may.
Advice for Instagram users:

  • If you temporarily disabled your Instagram account because of poor interaction or a shadowban, you should utilise the service with caution once you’ve reactivated it.
  • Do not act like a bot on Instagram by following and unfollowing a large number of profiles, like and commenting on a lot of posts in a short amount of time, etc. If you want to succeed on Instagram and not be taken for a bot, you need also learn how often you should post.
  • Get in-depth stats on your Instagram profile, content, and audience by using the Insights feature. If you’re wanting to build your Instagram account and re-engage your followers after an Instagram hiatus, this information will be very helpful.

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