Instagram’s Full Feature Set: From Pictures to Videos Clips to Shopping

Instagram began as a simple photo-sharing software, but it has now grown to include messaging, video, live broadcasting, and commerce. With more than a billion active users monthly, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. Providing enough services to appeal to a large enough user population is an essential part of maintaining — & even expanding — a large user base. That’s why what started as a simple photo-sharing software has evolved into so much more.

Instagram’s features are numerous & sophisticated — some might even say convoluted — than they’ve ever been. Furthermore, it is adding a slew of new features in the previous year and more on the way. Indeed, it’s said to be building on one’s version of Clubhouse-style audio rooms, which would fit with Facebook’s habit of adapting concepts from other platforms to its own, as well as the claim that it’s working on its Clubhouse competitor.

Instagram’s Features

1. Instagram Story

If Instagram implements audio rooms, they’re likely to be accessed through the Stories at the front of the stream. Stories on Instagram are, of course, postings that users can make that vanish after a brief period and added following the success of the format of Snapchat.

You could access any live broadcasts of individuals a user follows through those exact icons. Individuals can now ask up to three more users to join with them in a broadcast on Instagram Live, in addition to broadcasting to their followers. These Live Rooms feature echoes of Clubhouse, not least in the use of the word ‘rooms’ and the concept of numerous speakers debating in front of an audience.

2. Instagram Live

Instagram Live broadcasts can not be re-watched or re-shared after they had ended at first but changed with the launch of IGTV. IGTV is Instagram’s storehouse for long-form video content, despite its relatively cryptic name that defies the platform’s customary intuitive naming practices (anything over a minute). Users can directly post content or share Telecasts after they’ve finished for other members in the profile to find and watch.

3. Instagram Reels

Reels, a new feature for users to contribute short-form video material, has been added. Reels, inspired by the popularity of TikTok, has been granted a prominent spot on the main navigation bar & serves up short fun films from the Instagram community, which liked & swiped through in an algorithmically generated stream. If you want to build your profile visibility on the platform, you can buy Instagram reels likes to reach and discover prominent people.


IGTV is accessed through the Search or Explore tab, which includes more than a search field, but it does have recent search results located by tags, accounts, & locations. However, there are recommended tags & videos beneath the search bar, generated depending on the user’s activities. If you want to favor the algorithm, you can buy IGTV views to get featured on your content on the explore page. 

5.Instagram Shopping

The Shopping option, now accessible via the navigation bar, allows companies and artists to promote and sell their items. It’s the most significant shift from Instagram’s initial mission, but it makes its presence on the platform more valuable than ever to brands and creators. As a result, those using the app will see more content that is relevant to them.


It barely reaches the surface of just what Instagram has to offer now, & you could explore each one of these features further. It demonstrates, though, how far the network has progressed in just over a decade.

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