How To Make Engaging Instagram Stories To Boost Your Business?

You should use Instagram Stories into your company marketing plan since storytelling is one of the most successful methods to interact with your target audience.

Because of its steady development throughout time, this function has become a fiercely contested market for companies all over the world.

Over 500 million people use Instagram every day, and the Stories feature is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Stories postings consist of photographs and videos that vanish after 24 hours.

This post covers all you need to know about this function, from content planning to the layout of your Stories for maximum viewer engagement, brand exposure, and conversions.

Why should a company use Instagram Stories?

Interested in learning more about the benefits of using Instagram Stories for brand promotion?
Here are four benefits that we will explore:

Market new items or releases

Instagram Stories is a great way to give your target audience a sneak peek at what’s going on behind-the-scenes or to announce the release of a new product.

Brands in the fashion industry are taking advantage of Instagram’s Stories feature to promote upcoming collections and provide sneak peeks into their backstage processes.

Solicit Opinions

Instagram stories are a great way to promote your items and obtain feedback from your target audience while also making them feel special.

Bring in prospects

The Instagram Stories feature may be used to generate leads from interested users. Make sure your material is interesting and gives them a good incentive to give you their email address.

Incorporate the following features into your company’s Instagram Stories:

  • Product coupon codes
  • No cost books
  • Discounted online classes
  • Free samples of the product
  • Opportunity to acquire a prize

Business strategies for using Instagram Stories

You can do more than simply share videos and photos on Instagram Stories to promote your business.

A plan that is consistent with your brand and appeals to your target demographic is essential.

Clearly defining the user persona you’re targeting might help you zero in on your target demographic and their specific needs.

If you want to improve your Instagram approach, follow these three guidelines:

Determine What You Want to Achieve With Instagram Stories

It’s important to have a firm grasp on your company’s goals before you dive into Instagram Stories.
You should build your company strategy on the following elements while writing a story:

As a company, WHY are you using Instagram Stories?
HOW do you intend to make use of Instagram’s Story feature? Please keep in mind that your Stories must be interesting and entertaining.
Once the goals have been identified, action may be taken to put them into effect.
When is the best time to update your Instagram story?

When do Instagram Stories perform the best?

I don’t think it’s necessary to submit Stories at specified times because they only last for 24 hours before disappearing if not downloaded or kept in archive or Highlights.

However, you may schedule your Instagram Stories to go live when the majority of your audience is likely to be online. It’s not only about how much attention your articles grab that matters.

Number of Stories to Share

Brands have been sharing more and more Stories thanks to the Questions Sticker, which encourages interaction and discussion.

Our research shows that five daily brand Stories are the sweet spot for Instagram marketing. 5. What to share on Instagram Stories

Businesses should strive to generate posts that prioritise engagement and connection as much as they prioritise conversion when writing a story. Making material that is both humorous and promotional is crucial.

Unique and updated material may be created for maximum effect:

  • Develop product-specific graphic “how-to” guides.
  • Give away free advice.
  • Share the most recent updates on your products or the industry overall.
  • Showcase an event or exhibition your company attended and provide exclusive “behind the scenes” material.
  • Inviting influential people to take over your profile
  • Promote unique deals, coupons, and limited-time offerings

Increase your Instagram following and interaction with the new Story features

Here are six of Instagram Stories’ most useful tools for boosting your profile:

Link your Instagram Stories to your website to boost traffic

The best part of Instagram Stories is that users can add links to direct their audience to specific content, such as a blog post, promotion landing page, etc.

Make sure your story has a call to action before you publish it. To increase the likelihood of your target audience tapping your link, you should prompt them to swipe up.

People will see a “see more” link at the end of your article; urging them to do so politely might increase your chances of their doing so.
Use polls and emoticons in your conversations to spice things up a bit.

The use of polls and emoji stickers in Instagram Stories is a great approach to increase engagement with your business’ content.

Users can respond with a percentage using an A/B poll or an emoji slider. An emoji sticker offers a more playful and spontaneous method of user interaction than just picking one of two alternatives.

Make Ask Me Anything (AMA) Stories with the Sticker Questions

Instagram stories’ Ask Me Anything (AMA) function is a fun, ephemeral way to share photos and questions.

Using the sticker library’s Questions Sticker, you may build AMA tales in which viewers of your story can ask you questions that you can then answer publicly in later postings.

Having your followers provide feedback directly within your Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to use the platform for marketing purposes.

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