Why Doesn’t Instagram Display the Last Time I Was Online? How To Activate Things

Have you ever wanted to know how long it’s been since your Instagram pals’ last login? This is a popular addition, but it is not without its issues. In this article, we’ll go through the most prevalent causes of Instagram not displaying “Last Active” and how to fix the problem.


Finding Instagram Users Who Are Active

You can view when the Instagram profiles you follow or have recently messaged were last active or are now active by using the “Last Active” function. Multiple checks can be performed to ensure proper operation:

A green dot will appear next to that person’s name and profile picture in your personal inbox.

How Come Instagram Doesn’t Display When Users Were. There are a few potential causes for you to either have never seen your friends’ activity status or to have abruptly stopped viewing it. You are not being followed.

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Do they seem to be following you even if you can’t check their activity status? If you answered “no,” then you may stop reading now.

You can only view the latest activity time of the individuals you follow on Instagram, and the same is true for them. You’ve Never Engaged in a Confidential Exchange

Only those with whom you have had a recent direct message conversation will be able to use this function. You won’t be able to view their current activity level otherwise.

The Upper User Cap of 25

However, current communication with the individual of interest is the key here. If you haven’t texted someone in a while, you won’t be able to view their last active time because the feature is only available for the first 25 people on your direct message list.

They have not been active for some time.

The most obvious reason why you can’t view someone’s activity status is probably because they don’t want you to. It’s impossible to go around the user’s choice to turn off the “Last Active” setting in this case.

Instagram has made it easy to disable this function for anyone who doesn’t want it. Keep reading if you’d want to learn how to turn off this function.

Your Previous Action Has Been Blocked

It’s reasonable Increase your Instagram followers to know how long it’s been since you posted anything. But, sorry to be the bearers of bad news, it works both ways. You can’t view someone else’s activity status if you can’t view theirs.

If you turn off this option, you will no longer be able to view other users’ “Last Active” times regardless of their own preferences.

Read on if the thought of prying into someone else’s Instagram life intrigues you more than the thought of maintaining your own air of secrecy. We’ll explain how to activate your activity status later on in this piece.

They Limited Your Account Access

If you’ve checked the most likely causes and none of them apply to your situation, there’s still a chance. Although it may be unpleasant, the individual whose information you want may have disabled your access to their profile.

Restricting is like the refined little sister of Blocking. Its primary function is to shield you from unwelcome contact with other users in a stealthy fashion. If you choose to restrict a profile, you won’t be able to see their comments or messages on your profile till you unrestrict them. Similarly, the activity status is the same.

When you hide your Instagram activity from someone, they will not know when you last logged in.

In the event that you are on the receiving end of a restriction, you will be unable to view the user’s last seen time.
Finally, you can’t see anything that person does, thus it’s not hard to guess why you can’t view their “Last Active” status. The person may have blocked you if you try to access their profile and receive majority of users.

You may verify the account has been blocked by searching for it on Instagram. They have probably blocked you if nothing happens. If you are still unsure, you may verify their identity by searching for their username on another platform. If it appears, it means that they have successfully brand and awerness.

Even if you can still see them in your direct inbox, you won’t be able to view their activity or send them messages if this is the case.

Fixing Instagram So That It Displays Your Last Active

We’ve resolved the issue that prevented you from viewing the majority of users. Let’s talk about how to address this problem now.

It should be noted that not all of the aforementioned issues can be resolved. There’s nothing you can do if the other person has turned off their status, doesn’t follow you, limits your access, or blocks you. It’s up to you if you want to try to have them undo the action or not.

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