6 Hidden Instagram Hacks To Boost Your Visibility With Right SEO Tricks

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Instagram is one of the largest and leading social media platforms with billions of engaging users. Increase your promotional efforts by enhancing your social presence. The popularity of your business increases when you increase your promotional activity on Instagram. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram becomes the powerful marketing platform to reach your potential audiences.

Since the number of users on Instagram increases, it is much more competitive to make the business popular. Now enters the SEO, which provides an excellent opportunity to increase your brand visibility on Instagram search results.

Instagram SEO has some of the principles to win the competition and make your content popular through organic ways. But how to implement SEO in your Instagram account?

Here are some useful SEO tips to gain organic traffic to your Instagram account:

1. Optimize Your Hashtags

Like keywords on Google, hashtags provide a great opportunity to improve your viability. Hashtags remain the best part of discovering your account to your potential audiences. Use the perfect hashtag to increase the engagement rate on your Instagram account and gain more followers.

If you want to rank higher on Instagram search results use the below three hashtag types to target your audiences:

  • Select hashtags specific to your niche
  • Provide branded hashtags, i.e., use the brand name as a hashtag to gain popularity
  • General hashtags that are likely to reach a wider audience

2. Use Keywords In Instagram Profile

Instagram works similar to Google, which becomes easy for many businesses to understand. Generally, people can search for three things on Instagram.

  • Accounts
  • Hashtags
  • Locations

So concentrate on optimizing your Instagram profile by stuffing the keywords on your username and bio information. When the right keyword appears on your profile, the visibility increases. Insert your website URL on your bio to gain organic traffic.

3. Increase Engagement Rate

The essential factor to gain success on Instagram is to increase engagement rate. The algorithm concentrates on three key aspects:

  • Attractiveness: Create and publish content in a way that attracts your target audiences to your Instagram account. Post unique and attractive content to gain engagement rate.

  • Timing: New posts appear first on the Instagram feed. It is important to know the active time of your audience and increase the views count. The insight tool in Instagram helps to achieve it.

  • Relationships: Maintain a long-term relationship with your audiences by watching their account and leaving a like or comment. Tag your audiences on your post to gain retag of your account resulting in huge engagement.

4. Improve SEO With Instagram Stories

Generally, video content contains more power to reach audiences and drive higher engagement. From a survey, 50% of customers get a product by watching a video on social media. In Instagram, the stories section has a higher power to draw the audience’s attention. 

Instagram stories remain the greatest platform to post your video content and gain the audience’s attention on a large scale. Hold your viewers on your site by using engaging ideas like conducting pools and Q&A sections on Instagram stories.

5. Request Your Audience To Engage

How to engage your audience on your Instagram account? Creating attractive and unique content is one way to raise the engagement rate. Another way is to make your content popular on all possible sites. Share your link on the blog posts and buy quality guest post backlinks from top-performing sites.

When your content appears on various sites, people will likely enter your Instagram account to know about your business. An effective practice is, you can repost your content on all other social media platforms and sites to increase your organic reach.

6. Use Location Tag

Instagram provides an option for users to search for accounts based on their location. So, it is necessary to include your location as a tag on each post and on your profile to rank higher on searches. Unlike hashtags, one can use only one location tag in each of your posts.

Use stories to make your business location popular and to increase the reach of search results. Tag popular locations related to your business and earn more search visits. Remember, the location you tag in your post must be relevant to your niche or posts to stay with your audiences.

Wrapping Up

A winning Instagram SEO strategy is to use the target keywords in all your posts and profile and increase engagement. Though the SEO result takes a longer time, it provides a permanent improvement in your Instagram account. Use the above six tips to maintain higher engagement and win the competition.

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