How to Increase Your Instagram Following With Targeted Customers?

In search of a larger Instagram following for your business and your clients’ businesses? In order to expand your business or social media agency’s reach on Instagram, consider implementing some of these strategies.

Do you want more followers on Instagram who are actually interested in what you have to say and who will interact with you frequently? Fortunately, passively expecting it to occur is not your only option. Gaining the support of your target audience is possible via the employment of proactive methods.

Use these strategies to get the kind of followers and comments you want on Instagram.

Plunge into Instagram’s Explore Section

Instagram’s “Explore” tab is a gold mine for attracting new fans. In order to unearth this gem, open the Instagram app and tap the magnifying glass button at the very bottom.

Once there, you may browse several subject suggestions or conduct a custom search.

Look at the Tab labelled “Heart”

Instagram’s “Activity” page, represented by a heart icon, is where you can see who has interacted with your account in various ways, such as liked or commented on your posts or followed your account.

But are you actually utilising this forum to investigate Instagram’s suggestions?

You should expect Instagram to provide a wide variety of suggestions depending on your existing network of followers, the content you share, and the individuals who like your posts.

A comprehensive list of suggested followers appears when you click on one of these suggestions. Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts as well as your phone’s contact list allows you to discover new individuals through your existing social networks.

To increase your Instagram following, follow people who are interested in content similar to yours

Your social media marketing business and your clients might benefit from tapping into the audiences of others as another growth tactic.

This is perfectly legal and moral. Get in touch with the people who follow relevant accounts by following them yourself.

Which bank accounts are significant here?

Opponents, either directly or indirectly. Your product might be a hit if consumers find that they also enjoy those of your rivals.
Related businesses. If you’re a wedding planner, you might want to contact people that specialise in wedding cakes or wedding photography.
Extra topics that will pique your readers’ attention. Though your company may have nothing to do with golf, did you realise that the majority of your customers probably enjoy the sport?
If you’re attempting to play catch-up on Instagram, this tactic might be extremely useful. It will speed up the process of locating relevant accounts with higher potential for brand engagement.

The one caveat is that your rivals can try to restrict your account to stop you from scooping them with exclusive information on their consumers.

Put some thought into it and check the facts:

Who are my rivals where I have an edge over their customers?
Which organisations make ideal referral partners?
Do you routinely check and post to the accounts?
Does their material generate discussion among their fan base?
Do they have an audience that resembles my perfect customers?
It’s important to do your homework before following an account, as there are a number of telltale signs that the account’s followers were bought.

Get More Instagram Followers Through Active Participation

There are a variety of methods to interact with your Instagram followers once you’ve found the proper individuals to follow. Which options are most conducive to your needs and objectives?


Following a user is the simplest form of interaction. It’s important to have a compelling bio with a compelling CTA before proceeding. When you follow another user, the majority of them will look you up. It’s up to your bio and the quality of your posts to determine whether or not they’ll follow you back. (Yet another argument for the continued relevance of interesting Instagram posts!)

It’s possible that just following the lead won’t be enough if this is a very valuable potential.

‘Heart’ Material

Followers like it when you highlight what it is about them that you appreciate. Find the material that speaks most to your brand’s target audience and use that. Never push yourself too far with this. If you browse through someone’s whole feed and leave 100 loves on every post, or if you enjoy a lot of their earlier work, you could come out as a bit of a stalker. It’s excellent if you can share a recent post or two. Be sure to interact with your audience on a regular basis by checking out their new posts in your feed and offering them some positive feedback.


Can you find images of your product being used online? Don’t simply click “like;” express your approval by leaving a thoughtful remark. If someone approaches you for help, do you know if they have a query or a problem? You have an opportunity to save the day. Is there a moment you can commemorate together?

Although comments are time-consuming, if done correctly they may lead to meaningful connections with your audience. Avoid leaving comments that are only a few words long, or leaving the same remark for a big number of individuals. This might make you appear like a bot.

You may also use the comments area to gain permission to reshare someone else’s work. Authenticity, curiosity, and a positive emotional response are all benefits your company may get from user-generated content.


Finally, a private message can be sent. Carefully consider how you’ll implement this strategy, as sloppy execution might make you look like a spammer.

Inquire within:

Is there any reason this shouldn’t just be a comment, and instead a message?
Is this something that the person I’m communicating with would find useful?
How succinct and to-the-point are my words?
To avoid making them feel obligated, should I provide them a social way out of my request?
Direct sales pitches, partnership inquiries, or questions/comments that are better kept private are all good uses of a message.

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