Helpful Tips for Making Better Instagram Video Stories

Agencies claim that uploads to Instagram Stories receive two-to-three times as many interactions as those to standard material.

For the better part of a decade, when people heard the term “story,” they probably thought of fiction books or maybe fairy tales. So, in the modern day, telling stories about one’s life is the in thing to do in order to gain attention and admiration from others.

Instagram is one of the most popular methods for brands to interact with their customers, a trend that has already begun. As more and more individuals are utilising Stories as a primary means of communication, companies have begun capitalising on their connections with customers on this channel. One in five Instagram stories from company accounts generates a direct message from a follower.

Several companies have found success by providing material often on this site.

Promote your brand using Instagram Stories

Did you know that half of the typical person’s daily four hours spent on their phone is spent on social media? The vast majority of internet users are hooked on social media, making Stories the ideal kind of information for them to consume on the go.

Additionally, given the transient nature of Instagram Stories, the interaction between companies and users is less stuffy and more lighthearted and anonymous.

Yet there are already too many firms utilising this channel to communicate with their target audience, therefore the market is saturated. So, it may become increasingly challenging for up-and-coming brands or people to match the achievements of industry veterans.

Having a firm grasp on how Instagram Stories function and what strategies provide the greatest results is crucial for such firms.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the greatest ways you may make Stories that people will like.

Strategies for making a captivating Instagram story

Using Instagram Stories effectively may not only help you maintain the interest of your existing fan base, but it can also introduce your company to a whole new set of people who may end up becoming devoted customers. Following the following strategies, you can make Tales that people will remember for a long time.

Really, less is more in this case

Even though there are no hard and fast guidelines for how much text you may include in your Instagram Stories, it’s still important to keep it brief.

Users may become confused and swipe away from your Story before you get your point through if you use too many words. Subtitles and text overlays can help readers understand your writings better; nevertheless, too much information can be distracting and even destructive to good creatives.

When it comes to where on the screen to put text, the middle or the bottom are both good options. Furthermore, avoid making your content commercial or spammy and stick to providing general information. Users are accustomed to fast skimming through their feeds, so your content should convey the essentials of your message and urge them to swipe up to read more about your company.

In a nutshell, your writing should be simple and plain.

Put the fear of missing out to good use

Sixty-nine percent of millennials in a poll done by the Entrepreneur reported experiencing regret after missing an event. This kind of thinking spawned the creation of businesses that provide unbelievable discounts to their customers for a limited time.

But, the fact that Instagram Stories only exist for 24 hours adds a sense of urgency to the limited-time offer, compelling consumers to take advantage of it before it’s too late.

As many as 69% of millennials report experiencing disappointment when they are unable to participate in a planned activity.

Provide irresistible discounts in an instantaneous way to increase the temptation to click!

Anyone who doesn’t like getting anything for free is lying

Audiences enjoy interactive content because it allows them to feel more connected to your company. Yet, they really enjoy engaging material in which they can participate and perhaps win a prize.

A reward is always appreciated, after all.

For businesses, the effectiveness of quizzes and competitions in generating clicks, likes, and conversions has historically meant a high rate of return on investment. Providing a tantalising reward is more effective than clever catchphrases or high-definition photos in getting people to swipe right.

In the back of their mind, consumers constantly want to know how a brand will benefit them when they are prompted to take some sort of action. So, your Narrative should include an offer to address their concerns or fulfil their desires. Here is where the remuneration is due you.

Nevertheless, this approach may result in increased client acquisition costs, so proceed with caution. Yet, the ROI makes the greater price paid for a shorter time period worthwhile.

CTAs for the win (and the spotlight!)

Maybe your content and pictures are top-notch, and your music has that infectious hook. Nonetheless, CTAs dominate the field in this respect. When encouraging clients to perform the action you desire from them, you shouldn’t hold back.

Most companies fail to deliver enough calls to action (CTAs) because they either assume their customers would act on their own initiative or they wish to avoid coming across as pushy. You can’t expect this campaign to succeed without a compelling call to action (CTA) that is also clear, assertive, and memorable.

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