Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Local Small Business

The goals of social media marketing for small businesses vary widely. As a result, it’s crucial to develop a strategic social media marketing plan that accounts for your own business’s location, target audience, offerings, and revenue goals.

Businesses with physical locations have varying requirements compared to their virtual equivalents. You presumably want to boost KPIs like walk-ins and carousel counts as well as click-throughs , website visitors and subscriber counts.

Using the correct social media sites, you may increase foot traffic to your store. But how can you choose which platforms will best serve your purposes? In this post, we’ll investigate that question.

You’re Facebook Profile

With 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook is massive, making pages a necessity for even the smallest local businesses. Why? That’s why: you can connect with a massive target demographic. I think it would be beneficial to have a closer look at the ways in which Facebook may be of assistance.

Customer check-in is a great way to increase feedback

With a Facebook profile, consumers may check in and alert their friends that they are now patronising your store.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook will send you a push notice the day following your initial check-in at a company asking whether you’d be willing to provide a review. Having more people vouch for your services is one way that the “first impression review” might help out. Meanwhile, the act of checking in itself might entice friends and family members of the consumer to pay a visit.

Boost your store’s foot traffic with Facebook marketing

Advertisements may be run on Facebook by page administrators to advertise their page, an event, a product, or a discount. Local awareness advertising, in particular, are great for boosting foot traffic since they target potential buyers in the immediate area.

Use Facebook’s messaging service to streamline your interactions

Do you wish to increase your clientele? By making it simple to find out information like “Where are you located?” and “What are today’s promos and specials?” a Messenger bot may help increase foot traffic.

Market gatherings by streaming them on Facebook

Using Facebook Live to publicise an event or provide a sneak peek into your business may significantly increase foot traffic, particularly if the content is tailored to the local audience .

To make use of Facebook’s Local Features

By using Facebook’s local search feature, you may locate companies and the activities they host in your area. Restaurants, salons, and shops benefit greatly from this, as do other companies that rely on foot traffic from both visitors and locals.

As a TLDR, Facebook

Use the following strategies to increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar establishment using your Facebook page:

  • Use check-ins and reviews to collect feedback from first-time customers.
  • Using Facebook ads to raise product recognition and attract new customers.
  • Messenger to facilitate access to your basic profile information.
  • Event promotion using Facebook Live.
  • Use Local Search to promote your activities to nearby residents and visitors.


Instagram, like Facebook, can be a fantastic resource for the proper kind of locally focused enterprise.

Explore the site using the map or the search bar

Just as on Facebook, Instagram lets users tag their photos with their current location.

Signs in your store or establishment might remind consumers to utilise this function, or you could just ask them to tag you in any photos they take.

Publish Ads on Instagram

Since Facebook owns Instagram, adverts may be placed using the same account. You should incorporate Instagram into your social media marketing strategy if you already have a Facebook profile and your target demographic is active there.

If you want to reach young people, you should use Instagram Stories

Sixty-four percent of Instagram’s user base is comprised of millennials. Instagram might be a useful tool if you own a local business and want to attract customers. Tell tales to get the word out about your company, publicise upcoming events, and display your wares.

Put hashtags in your posts that indicate where you are

Using Instagram’s location hashtags, you may find new clients. To get your photos and Instagram account in front of consumers looking for local companies, use hashtags indicating specific locations.

Utilize Instagram’s Direct Messages

Last but not least, Instagram direct messages (DMs) may be used to discover and network with other regional companies and opinion leaders. Try reaching out to related companies and suggesting a post-promotions collaboration.

Instagram: TLDR

Promote your business to your preferred clientele by showing them your posts on Instagram.

I encourage you to utilise Instagram’s location tagging tool and have your guests do so.
Boost your brand’s local profile with Instagram advertisements.
Reach out to millennials by posting on Instagram Stories.
Get your business in front of folks seeking for the next great hangout by using location hashtags.
Establish contact with related firms via direct messages to begin brainstorming ways to collaborate and share audiences.


You may find new local consumers with the aid of Twitter. Local businesses including cafes, salons, and shops selling chocolate and barber services have all seen an uptick in customers after tweeting about them. Can you explain the process?

Try looking up #hashtags

Use the hashtags that people in your region and your industry are talking about on Twitter if you want to show up in their searches. Gaining more followers and exposure for your account is as simple as using trendy hashtags in your area.

Run advertising on Twitter

Twitter advertisements may be useful if you’ve got the resources and know-how to make them so. Promote your shop with Twitter advertisements, then direct customers to a landing page that features a special offer for those who make a purchase.

Make contact with related companies

Finally, the direct messaging (DM) component of Twitter is similar to Instagram in that it may be used to locate and connect with other (local) companies, local journalists, and influencers for the purpose of collaborating on postings and promotions.

Just skim the rest of Twitter

In this post, I’ll explain how you can use Twitter to attract more buyers.

Find your way into local search results by using trendy hashtags.
Promoted tweets should link to a landing page that has been optimised for conversions.
Reach out to other companies about doing promotions together via direct messages.

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