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5 Powerful Metrics To Track Your Instagram Post Performance

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the competitive world. It has more than 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily active users. Also, Instagram is the perfect platform for branding. Tracking your Instagram metrics is an effective way to grow your account and build a huge following. 

Unlike other social media platforms, checking your analytics on Instagram is essential to improve your business on the platform. Here are some valuable metrics you should use to measure the success of your Instagram account. 

1. Check Your Follower Growth Rate

A higher follower count is a key to increase your brand personality and build a successful marketing campaign. Create engaging content to attract more followers to your account. Your followers have the potential to make your content viral on Instagram. Stories are one of the best ways to attract more audience to your profile. When you buy views for Instagram stories, you can easily attract more followers to your account. Always check your followers’ growth. It is a good idea to expand your business reach. 

2. Engagement Per Followers

According to research, 70% of Instagram posts are not seen. You don’t get any traffic to your website if your followers don’t see and engage with your post. Engagement rate is very important to make your post seen by more audience. tracking your engagement per follower allows you to know your audience’s interest. This metric especially works for influencer marketing, and you can easily check how your content reached your audience. You can calculate your metrics on a monthly or weekly basis. If you are trying to check it daily, it will not give excellent results for your business. 

3. Website Traffic

Like other social media platforms, Instagarm has the potential to drive more traffic to your website. Instagram does not allow everyone to add a link to their post, but if you have more than 10K followers in your account, you can add a link to your Instagram story. You can easily track your website traffic just by looking at google analytics. Also, you can track goals in google analytics to see if your traffic will convert into your ROI. In addition, you use UTM parameters to know where a particular person comes from.  

4. Comments Per Post

Getting comments for your post is more worth than getting likes and views for your posts. It takes a second to tap for giving likes, but for leaving a comment, it takes time and thought. When some people leave a comment, it helps you understand how they are interested and connected with your brand. Track the number of comments you receive and always keep an eye to check if it goes up or down. If your comment count goes down, try to check why your audience is not engaging with your content. 

5. Reach

It is one of the other important metrics that require you to convert to a business account. Many people are still wondering how to calculate their reach and impression. Reach is nothing, but it shows how many people have seen your post. But the impression is calculated by when the same person sees your post three times, and it will be calculated as an impression. If you want to increase your impression, buy Instagram impressions for your post to boost the count instantly. Also, you can quickly improve your reach by using hashtags in your post but make sure to use them correctly. 

The Takeaway

There is no doubt that Instagram is a perfect place to market your business. Create a video in a fun and engaging way to attract more audience to your profile. Focus on these five powerful metrics to track and measure your post-performance to enhance your Instagram account. 

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How To Create a TikTok Marketing Strategies in 2021

If you’re the owner of your brand and you want to market your brand presence to the next level, accept the challenges and make unique videos. 

TikTok is one of the world’s most popular apps, and it has millions of audience support. According to AppTrace, TikTok got ranked #278 in 2018, and in 2020 December it’s finally reached #1. 

In this article, we will see how to use TikTok, how to create & edit a TikTok video, and how to make a strategy in 2021.

1. Why did TikTok Become so Popular? 

Although TikTok didn’t maintain to get those users overnight, it did it within a short span. When Hollywood celebrities joined the TikTok platform, Without any doubt, TikTok was about to be a big hit. 

Now your question is who all joined TikTok? 

The top Hollywood actors are joined, such as Justin Bieber, The Rock, Will Smith, Rita Ora, and many more. They are creating and promoting their videos entertainingly and most funnily. 

Moreover, the TikTok platform strategy is to collaborate with local celebrities to market the app at the global level and on the local one. Thus, several people who work in the music industry or entertainment are present to make even more prominent communities.

2. How TikTok Helps to Create Brand Awareness? 

Even TikTok doesn’t offer any advertising option, but many brands use the platform for brand promotion because TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps. If you are a social media manager and your eyes are laid on TikTok, keep in mind that you must find out where your followers are.

If the platform decides to add advertisement options in the future, it can still be an excellent option to engage with celebrities and influencers. You can market your products and services to make a buzz around the topics if you’re interested in.

You know that all kinds of target audiences are available on TikTok. So, you can publish content that is suitable for you & your brand. Otherwise, if you feel it’s unsuitable, you can post anywhere on social media. 

3. Most Common Questions About TikTok

Do you have a TikTok account to promote your brand? 

Yet not; Build an account and learn how to use this app for your business purposes. 

What are the procedures you should follow? 

  • Download the TikTok App and sign up form will appear
  • Choose the sign-in option using your Google, Facebook account( if you choose any social media account option, your profile and username will be the same)
  • Enter your birthday (This is a critical step for calculating how old are you)
  • After completing your signup, you can create the first video. 

Pro Tip: Many TikTokers have started with zero engagement, so you want to change that? You can buy TikTok views for your profile with help to improve your video rank and display them on the screen when the user opens the app. If you want more engagement, use to buy TikTok likes and followers. 

How to create a TikTok Video?

To make your first TikTok video, click the “+” button, which appears in the middle of the screen. Now you can record the 15 to 60-sec video. 

You can use a lot of features such as adding music, filters, customized speed of the video 0,3x to 3x. TikTok offers a variety of beauty modes, strikers, and the timer.

If you make a video without using the TikTok app, no worries. You can easily upload the app by adding effects and filters. 

Final Words:

Every social media app has its specificities. But, TikTok has something new, it took the internet by surprise, and it will stay for as long as the audience will enjoy unconditionally and give quality entertainment.

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